Decoding Business Automation

In today’s technology-driven world, almost everything can happen at the click of a button. The IT solution companies in Oman have also not remained untouched by these technological wonders. A few years back, the staff, vendors, and customers were faced with the challenge to do multiple and repetitive tasks for streamlined business operations. But now, through Business Process Automation has paved its way into worldwide companies.

Business Process Automation or BPA is the use of technology that automates repetitive manual business activities with intelligent software applications and analytics seamlessly. It, henceforth, improves process accuracy, visibility, and efficiency by eliminating time-consuming tasks that are prone to error.

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Our Approach



We interact with businesses closely and our developers analyse your requirements through their rational interpretations. This involves understanding if you want changes in the workflow, payroll, website, etc. of your business.



After gaining a strong foothold of what you want, we plan our course of action in meeting their needs. These decisions encompass traversing to a definite path in our workflows, such as assigning tasks to our staff through bots and other intelligent tools.



Thereafter, we build a system to remove your manual works. We do this by using our in-depth knowledge of business metrics to eventually compose the aptest framework for your organization.



Finally, we implement our actions through our cloud-based systems. We offer our solution to the relevant users, be it the concerned business, vendors, or customers. Contact our team for more details on our development process.

Boost your speed and efficiency with our Business Process Automation services

We at Rawat Al Makan are dedicated to lead you to yield the following benefits through our BPA services:

  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce time and expenses.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Handle process logistics.
  • Improve visibility.
  • Manage rudimentary processing.
  • Improve operational stability.

The main technologies that go in this process can be understood as:

Our custom made, cloud-based solution in Oman has been masterfully prepared to manage properties remotely. The idea is to focus on helping businesses with their property management operations in both commercial and residential sectors. We have devised a user-based interface within this, which helps you add buildings, tenants, units; track property expense; collect rent; and so on. Within a few seconds, you can know your expense, income, contract expiries, complaints, etc. from any device.

We have developed a simple, smart, powerful, and secure content management system to assist businesses in their daily operations. It helps you with both managing their website and making it rank better. Now, all software companies in Muscat can add pages on their website, publish blogs, and post news in no time. Our emphasis is on providing a responsive and efficient interface that you can customize as per your needs.

Boost your speed and efficiency with our Business Process Automation services

We at Rawat Al Makan are dedicated to lead you to yield the following benefits through our automation services.