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Java is versatile, supports scaling, and cross-platform offers a wide range of capabilities for microservices development. Also, it is optimized for the cloud. Java is extensively used in the most advanced technological solutions, including chatbots, analytics, machine learning, and big data. Many companies choose to outsource Java software development and seek assistance from Java app development companies because they lack in-house Java expertise.

If you are looking for the best Java Application Development Company then Rawat Al Makan is the best to go with. We have a team of skilled Java Developers who are extremely talented in creating user-friendly applications using all the latest technologies that stand you apart from the competition.

Why Choose Us for Java Application Development?

Rawat Al Makan is the leading Java Application development company that worked around the different niches in the market. With our proven track record, we always try harder to come up with the best for our clients so they can trust our Java Development services blindly. Besides, there are some more reasons that our client finds us as best to work with.

Requirement Analysis

We follow a complete 360-degree requirement analysis before making a fixed deal.

Latest Design

We follow the state-of-the-art design process so that our designed app works best to generate leads.

User-friendly Apps

Our professional team is perfect for creating User-friendly apps.

Development Plans

We provide flexible java application development plans.


We follow complete transparency with our clients so that we do not face issues.


As the No.1 Java development company, we offer complete support to our clients.

Java Frameworks We Use

To stand your business apart from the competition, our developers always work with major frameworks, tools, and technologies. Look below for some of our core frameworks.


Spring is the core framework for developing Java apps. This is used for the implementation of all layers in real-time applications. Also, it is used in high performing enterprise Java application development.

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Hibernate is a reliable object-relational mapping framework that improves communication between relational database management systems and the Java language (RDBMS) simplifying the development of Java app.

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Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

GWT is an open-source, totally free framework that aids in the creation of JavaScript from client-side Java code. Many Google products, including AdSense, Google Wallet, and Blogger, are developed using GWT.

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Grails is a dynamic framework known for using the Groovy JVM programming language. Grails is an object-oriented language designed to improve the developer efficiency on Java platforms. It works with various technologies such as spring, Quartz, etc.

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Java Server Faces (JSF)

Java Server Faces is a pretty stable framework of the Java Community process. This is a component-based UI framework based on MVC software design pattern. JSF helps in building high performant java-based web and native applications.

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Vaadin is a web application framework that focuses on UX accessibility. It provides streamlined Java development and gives direct access to DOM from the java virtual machine. The best is it automates communication between the browser and the server.

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Our Java development services can take your eCommerce business to new heights.

Our Java Development Process


Initial Requirements

In the first stage, our experts access whole project details as well as the client’s idea to establish the roadmap to make the development process smoother.


Agreement on Services

Once we understood the requirements, we share the price plan. If both parties agreed on terms, we signed a contract.


Design & Development

In the third step, our design and development team begins to create a UI/UX app design that meets the client’s requirements and customers


Testing & Quality Assurance

In this process, extensive testing, documentation, and client feedback is integrated which let our quality testers deliver a high-quality app to you


Feedback Improvements

When we got a high-quality app from quality testers, we send that to our clients to get their reviews. Based on their reviews, we make changes.



After going live with the app, complications can occur any time. So, we offer Java expert help where you can get 24/7 assistance for a year from us.

We Provide Java Expert Help In

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Custom Java Application Development

We create unique Java applications that are suited to the needs and goals of your business. To ensure the effective delivery of bespoke product development, each Java developer at Rawat Al Makan works in collaboration with QA engineers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and other professionals while keeping in mind the design, testing, requirements, and support.

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Java Web Application Development

Rawat Al Makan is a client-oriented company. We have massive years of experience working with both small and big enterprises to develop Java web applications in a variety of industries. Our expertise offers stability, flexibility, and security that make your Java application more engaging and dynamic for the users.Leverage our Java web development services to create full fledged enterprise applications.

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Java J2EE Development

Utilize top-notch Java web development services to create robust and secure J2EE products for running your daily business. So far, we've utilized J2EE to build a number of multilayered web based applications using java-centric environment. We help our clients create feature-rich applications for small and large organizations, which enable them to compete in the market and increase and retain their customer base.

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Java Mobile App Development

Using the cross-platform framework J2ME or Java ME, we have created stunning UI programs in our capacity as a professional Java application development business. Meet our Java developers and get the app you would want to use and your customers love.

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Java Migration

We have considerable experience converting projects to Java frameworks to handle Java development and migration. Our Java developers can help you make a seamless shift to Java with their expertise in Java Development and Migration.

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Support & Maintenance

You will be guided through the process of setting up and running your Java application by our Java experts. To guarantee your app's responsiveness, effectiveness, and compatibility, we offer specialist service and support for technical assistance.