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To create a successful business, online or offline, a website is a prerequisite. enable brand development by boosting customer engagement and lead-generation. In the current Digital Revolution, websites are indispensable to any business’ success.

Since WordPress acquires maximum market share among Content Management Systems, it only makes sense to use it to develop your business’ website.

To take on the ever-rising competition, it becomes essential to choose the right WordPress development agency to build your website. This decision may either lead your business to commercial success or obscurity.

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Rise above your competition with our superior WordPress services

Rawat Al Makan strives to provide you with top-notch WordPress services to help realise your business’ potential. We are the best partners to shoot you to your business success. We render the following services to open new horizons for your enterprise:

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Setup & Migration to WordPress

Want to build a fresh website to join the ranks of online businesses?

Our assistance begins right from the start of your WordPress site development process. We help you build your WordPress site from scratch. We boast one of the best-managed WordPress hostings; it is also one of the fastest WordPress hostings in Kuwait, Yemen and Bahrain.

Or do you have a website already but want to migrate it to WordPress?

recommendations. With WordPress, you don’t have to change your website’s appearance and yet you can reap all the benefits WordPress has to provide. With Rawat Al Makan, you can work with a team of experts ready to do all the heavy lifting. So, you can rest assured and focus on the business aspects as we do your bidding.

WordPress Website Design Services

If you’re looking for a WordPress developer, then you’ve come to the right place.

We develop hassle-free and refined websites tailored to your requirements. Combining performance with eye-catching aesthetics, we find WordPress developers who are best suited for your industry from our in-house team of expert WordPress developers. Our team of WordPress designers make customized websites for your business, considering your requests and preferences. We make psychologically-tested templates, tailor-made to ensure customer retention. Our scientifically-tested designs are curated to convince and persuade visitors. We also design websites based on existing WordPress themes if requested.

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WordPress website Customization

Reflect utmost professionalism with our WordPress website customization in Oman.

Want to have a website which is guaranteed to be one of a kind? Look no further than Rawat Al Makan.

We customize your website to cater to your needs, but more importantly, to the needs of your target audience to help you actualize your goals.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

A fast-loading website can fulfil potential customers’ needs quickly and provide them with a satisfying and seamless web experience. This generates repeat sales and enhances lead-generation. Moreover, a website which is fast and appropriately Search Engine Optimized has increased visibility. This increases the number of prospects viewing your page and extends your reach.

We optimize your website so that it is fast, and adheres to the Google algorithm, boosting performance and credibility. Our Website Speed Optimization helps you step into unchartered turf and opens doors to new, untapped markets. We help your online presence grow organically, without the need for paid advertising.

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WordPress Website Support Services

Flooded with recurrent issues on your website?

Well, no need to worry anymore!

Our customer-centric, round-the-clock support services provide analyses, regulate your website, and solve your website issues on time. We help you keep your website updated and run regular maintenance checks to ensure optimal functioning. We make sure that your target audience enjoys an unimpeded digital experience to heighten customer satisfaction and reinforce trustworthiness.

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WordPress E-Commerce Development

With the moving of our lives online, a paradigm shift has occurred in trade and commerce. The advent of e-commerce has increased the size of the target audiences. With our e-Commerce development and support services, we help you to exploit this opportunity.

We provide e-commerce development services among our other WordPress packages. Our e-Commerce development services help you navigate the various WordPress e-Commerce plugins available and leverage them to make considerable profits. Our team curates the most optimum combination of plugins and optimizes your website accordingly to give you the best results.

We provide a wide range of e-Commerce solutions ranging from e-Commerce strategy development to e-Commerce consulting to guarantee you maximized lead-conversion and sales repetition.

WordPress Website issues and Bug Fixing

Facing troubleshooting problems with your website?

Want to keep up with the updates of the WordPress ecosystem in Oman? Get a seamless online experience to your audience, as we provide bug and issue fixes.

At Rawat Al Makan, we are committed to providing you with the perfect solutions to kickstart your commercial success. We ensure budget-friendly and timely assistance so that our customers are benefited and satisfied. We believe in creating enduring customer relations and customer retention, as evident from our success in Doha, Oman and Dubai. We continue to strive to lead the industry all over the world, one customer at a time.

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