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The global marketing world has undergone significant changes in the past few years. From print and TV ads to the era of websites and social media, marketing has evolved into a much broader concept, i.e., ‘Digital marketing.’

Today, digital marketing is the most sought after tool for both startups and large enterprises. Online platforms are flooded with digital marketing campaigns. The prime reason for this is that it helps them leverage the internet’s power based on the interests of their business. It enables them to acquire increased visibility across search engines, engage users, boost website traffic, and enhance conversion rates. Above all, it bestows businesses with an opportunity to market their products and services 24/7 through least expenses.

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Grow digitally through social media.

Rawat Al Makan, with its digital marketing services, attempts to make your business reach a whole new level of success on the digital platform.

Social media is the best place to get your customers. This is the era where a normal person spends most of his time on social media, it your way how you get them into your business. We make strategies to show them what there were searching for on the web, eliminate the audience who may not be interested in your services or products. This saves time and increases lead conversion.

Digital Marketing Services

Target right audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the heart and soul of any digital marketing strategy, which helps you enhance your business’ online presence. Our customized SEO service optimizes your website’s rankings on Google, ultimately leading to maximized sales. Through our tried and tested SEO strategies, we ensure that your website finds a place on the first page of Google search results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM involves channelling the potential of internet search engines to broaden your online presence. This entails using paid sources for driving maximum users to your website. As a top-class digital marketing agency, we use this end-to-end strategy if a business is unable to draw organic traffic to its site. To supply you with quick and effective results, we couple this strategy with our SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Companies are on a hunt today for the right social media marketing company social that helps them discover the aptest online platform that suits their business the best. After understanding your business’ objectives, requirements, and constraints, we offer comprehensive and reliable solutions across an array of industries. Our social media experts help you craft engaging content, creating timely buzz, and establishing brand reputation over the different social media platforms.

WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing is inevitable as all smartphone users today have WhatsApp installed in their phones. Hence, companies can access the largest userbase if they are prominently visible on Whatsapp. In our Whatsapp marketing strategy, we have segregated users for every sector, and would hence help you reach your message to target users only.

Website Blogging

Website blogging helps you expand your online reach and enhance brand reputation management by consistently published content on your business’ website. This offers you with increased leads, better customer retention, higher sales, and improved conversions. Through our SEO and paid strategies (like PPE ads), we enable you to make the best out of your blogs. We help you identify words or phrases, the inclusion of which in your content can take your business one step higher.

Social Media Blogging

Businesses today, with the help of a proficient content marketing agency are looking to create online content through social media blogs as it helps them create a personal brand. Our content marketers and developers offer you the most seamless solutions by helping you create valuable content. They stay in regular contact with you during the phase of content creation, following which they distribute it to diverse audiences and eventually create your niche in the market.

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