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Ecommerce in Oman has plenty of opportunities to develop in future. Ecommerce agencies can provide several E-commerce solutions to new comers to start online business that is supported by extensive specialized services. Rawat Al Makan is a leading web development company in Oman to provide ecommerce solutions with our ready-made product Souqify. Souqify is a robust platform for the entrepreneurs in online shopping website development. Souqify empowers entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business by selling their products online, without compromising on security, scalability, or stability. It is an all in one E-commerce digital marketing platform to start, run and grow business.

Before setting up an online shopping website, you need a startup plan for ecommerce website designing including a homepage with menus, structure, payment and delivery options from where a successful sale actually starts, before customer clicks on buy option. Souqify, a best ecommerce website development in Oman builds all this for you in just minutes. It builds an exclusive store of your business with all the options and fetures which an ecommerce website should have.

Flexible and Secure Payment

Souqify supports almost all kinds of transaction option including PayPal, Amazon pay, Google Pay, Square and Stripe. Client can also opt for a local bank payment gateway integration to accepts all local issued cards. Besides online payment, it also has the option for 'cash on delivery'. Cusotmer can pay after he receive the order on his door-step.

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Customer Management

Souqify has an inbuilt CRM for online store to handle your customer’s information. It goes for deep analysis on transaction, workflow customization and support system that manages all the requirements of customer’s choice and their needs. Robust CRM software is integrated with the Souqify store to gain the more out of your ecommerce online business store. It is the best system to maintain customer’s behaviors for analysis and processes. Using Customer management system can improve the customer’s retention to your online store and helps in enhancing customer’s engagement.


Souqify helps you to publish excellent content using built-in blogging feature for your product as well as your business. For this, Souqify ecommerce platform integrates with world’s popular content publishing platform.

Tags, and Attributes

Add tags and attributes to your product that stands out on the top in search box. It helps customers to search for the product of their choice using keywords that are most relevant to them.


Souqify gives a feature of customizing the website it can either be a variation in homepage layout or changing buy button of choice. This is for users to distinguish and shine in crowd.

Sort and Filter

Souqify lets its customers to sort products by popularity, innovation, attributes, rating, and price to search for the right fit.


Souqify tracks your available stock levels, holds the stock after an order is cancelled, and automatically get notified for out-of-stock product items.

Easy Login

Souqify allows your customers to register with a click using other platforms, before buying through online shopping at your site.


As Souqify is based in Oman, its default conversational language is Arabic, but it has the multilingual feature where customers outside Oman can interact with the online store management with ease of communication.


With the online business set up, you can set your location including currency of product selling, language of dealing and measurement units, that are best suitable for you according to your location.

One Click Refunds

Souqify provides strenuous free refund policy to its customers that is managed directly using Souqify dashboard.

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Business Intelligence

Dashboard represents the most important and significant metrices proving you the insight of your store performance and customer behavior towards store. These metrices graphiclly displays all your business on one screen. The overview of dashboard represents the following events:

  • It checks and compare the recent sales with respect to the earlier sales on weekly, and monthly basis even yearly basis.
  • It figures out the performance of your sale channels.
  • It keeps the track of each of the order value.
  • It represents the percentage of online selling with respect to region and/or through social media sites.
  • It keeps on updating with the recent trends.

Custom Solution

If someone is looking for reasonable ecommerce website development packages in Oman, Souqify is the right choice for you. We have a professionally experienced team that helps in developing Ecommerce websites for merchants, brands and small business startups with budget friendliness packages. Because of the healthy competition in ecommerce market, the are so many packages available that claims to be the best solution. But it is always necessary to figure out the most suitable package fulfilling your start up goals. Souqify assists you in recognizing your business goals and offers you best customized website development packages that perfectly satisfy your online shopping store goals. It provides you a range of customized plans for start-up stores, mid-sized store and large stores.

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Product Variations

User can offer variety of variations for its products such as color, size, stuff, fabric for clothing, type of brands and so on by giving drop down option to set prices, stock or images etc. featured by Souqify.

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Related Product

The current ecommerce business website has this feature of showing related products and products which were bought together, this will engage customers to stay on your online shopping store and buy.

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Highlight Product

Souqify gives an option to its user to use widgets that mark their significant product on the top of the list throughout featuring a particular tag or category or keyword on any page of your store.

Coupon Codes

To increase your product sales and get the customer back, you need to publish discounts and offers. Souqify provides you easy options to generate promo codes to the customers, which can be used while the product purchase and online shopping.

Get notified

On each purchase, Souqify sends the notification to its customer about its purchased product/ items on each stage starting from product being added to “buy list” to “shipping” till it reaches customer’s doorstep through emails, and SMS.

Social Media

The best ecommerce platform in Oman provides best possible social media integration that assists in increasing and enhancing online sales from your store to the targeted market in a clear and specified way.

Rating and Review

Souqify allows you to gets a feedback from the customers and show this on the product page, that helps new customers to make an informed decision and choice of buying the product from your business store.

24/7 Support

You are stuck somewhere, deleted accidentally something or messed up with the records, No problem. We are here to help you, We provide unlimited free online support for our users. You can prefer your language to communicate with our support team, either it is English or Arabic.

With the purchase of Souqify you will get free customization and support for a certain period of time. Later you can extend this with an annual maintenance contract. Online support and minor customizations are always free.

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